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Dedicated to promoting cycling in the Memphis and Mid South community
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Join the Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club

in a year-round cycling challenge


UMCA Year-Rounder

Details for 2019 coming soon.

The Memphis Hightailers invite you to join the MHBC Year-Rounders and to enjoy the camaraderie and fulfillment of completing a century ride every month of the year! 


What is it?

Year-Rounder (Y-R) members have accepted the challenge to ride at least one century each month during the year, according to UMCA guidelines. The Y-R program provides a structure to motivate you throughout the season and to recognize your personal achievements. The Y-R is designed to showcase consistent performance in cycling throughout the year.



To participate in the challenge with the MHBC:

You must be a member of the MHBC, and you will also be required to be a member of the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA). In accordance with UMCA requirements, each month's finishers will be posted on this page.


Want more information? 

First check out the UMCA website at